Monday, January 20, 2014

Overflowing support and love

Disclaimer - If you did not receive an invite it's more likely that the post office is to blame than you not being thought of. Somewhere is a really big pile of wedding invitations, Christmas cards and shower invites...
   This past weekend was another reminder of how loved CJ and I are. His baby shower in Aurelia was Saturday and the support was overwhelming!  If someone had told the teenage me that this is how life would turn out I might not have believed them. No matter how tough middle and high school may have been, the shifter of life would let the true supporters rise to the top.

   The shower itself was everything and more than I could have ever imagined. The love and the hugs, surrounded by a group of women (and Greg) who care about me and my son.  I haven't had the chance to experience my own wedding; but having Emily there and through this entire journey is the best maid of honor like support system a girl could ask for. I have to say Apollo was the most engaged guest there, which is so perfect that a kid lover like me would have a 7 mo old watching every moment!

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Much love 

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