Monday, January 6, 2014

I don't care, or do I

   I touched on the topic of questioning related to being a single parent/raising a child with special needs/my child who doesn't look like me on CJ's CaringBridge site.  I have not had many experiences yet relating to actually dealing with people asking me questions about CJ's family unit or complexion.  Though I have gotten the usual round of questions about what I am going to do when I do get asked these questions, along with "did you consider what others would think?"

   My response is that I do not care what others think, and for the most part that is a true statement.  If there is ever a point where I do actually care or the thoughts of others actually has an impact on me; the honest truth is that I care more about my little family than I do the unsolicited views of others.  This being said, I am always open for new responses to the usual round of questions!

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