Thursday, January 2, 2014

Catching up

   I have documented my foster care journey, I created a profile for adoption through NDSAN, and I kept all up to date on CJ's medical journey.  What a whirlwind year it has been!  As 2014 begins, I continue to think about the idea of blogging about being CJ's mom; being a single adoptive mother of a baby boy with Down syndrome, that happens to be of a different ethnic background than mine.

  I attempted to keep the CaringBridge webpage family friendly and something I would be ok with my grandmother reading.  Actually both of my grandmothers and my mother as they are all active on the web.  What didn't make the cut was the bonding and attachment components, like anxiety or my attempt to breast feed.

   We shall begin with the crazier of the two topics.  I had been doing kangaroo care aka CJ snuggling against my skin...with my bra on...with a shirt or blanket over top.  CJ was blessed to have two nurse Debbies on his team and one day I mention to Debbie #2 that I was going to kangaroo during a tube feeding.  She, being free spirited, makes a comment about taking my bra off in relation to the fact that I was turning the rocking chair around.  I was thinking more along the lines that I am so modest that the big window overlooking the hallway into the rest of the NICU was a bit much.  But I am one to try anything I tried it.  She, being really free spirited, comments about him sucking.  Once again, why stop now, so I give that a try too.  Before you know it I am researching adoptive mothers who have breast fed.  The experience derailed a bit when CJ failed his swallow study and could no longer take anything by mouth.  Even so, I enjoyed the opportunity and gained knowledge on the topic. 

-I had no desire to use prescription medication to jump start the process.  The staff in the NICU didn't quite understand that my OBGYN has no idea who I am and that I couldn't just call her up from 1500 miles away.
-Besides prenatal vits. I didn't even try herbal medications.  The result of my limited attempt was longer finger nails.
-I did pump but quickly decided doing it every 2-3 hours for 15 minutes was really taking away from life and my time with CJ considered the small chance it was even going to work at all.

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