Sunday, February 16, 2014

His Plan

I'm taking part in a 8 week class at church and today we reflected on the idea of God creating the Earth and then He just stepping back to let things run it's course. 

It dawned on me how much proof against that I have. And how much strength I have in response to people questioning my choices based on what a potential future husband might think. 

His plans are so beautiful and well orchestrated when you stop and think about all He has done in your life. I will admit I could have said no thanks but I'm so glad I didn't. His love for me shows in His thoughtful blueprint. 

A beautiful young mom makes the choices she did that leads to making the decision to put her unborn baby first.

For prenatal care to consist of one false negative, the perfect date for an appt. and the need for baby to be born right then and there. 

An email followed by a phone call built on the foundation that you atleast try opening the door. Worst outcome is it's locked. 

Lack of chance to need to make a decision. 

The heart of a young birthday girl to speak through. 

A maid of honor support system without the wedding. Along with the silent love a father has for his daughter. 

And you question what Prince Charming is going to think?  I'm pretty sure He has that covered too!

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  1. God has blessed you, Miranda. You have a lot of support. And, you know God is there to guide and love. I'm so glad you're part of our class.~~~ Jenny