Thursday, June 18, 2015


CJ does not have all of the facial characteristics of Down syndrome, which leads to a two fold conversation.  For a good majority the idea that he has Ds doesn't come naturally and the awkward conversation centered around him not reaching milestones on time takes place. Once they realize he has Ds, the usual responses center on how he doesn't look like it, am I sure he does and/or he must not have it that much. 
I have the genetic test results. He in fact does have Down syndrome; and outside of mosaic Ds, there are not degrees like there is of the doness of your steak. He has his mother's lips and if you really want proof check out one of my favorite parts of him - his Palmer creases on his palms. They make for sweet hand prints. 
Running on CJ time usually does not lead for comparisons to fall CJ's direction, but everyone once in a while the comments of "you need to hurry up and grow as big as CJ" come along. Not bad for a middle of the standard growth chart kid ;).

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