Thursday, April 9, 2015

Compare and contrast

As we sat waiting at one of our many appointments in Omaha today, I watch CJ play and interact with other children.  As they all played around each other, I noted how I could sit back and observe with no need to defend my child or explain his disability.  Though it may have had something to do with the specialized eye doctor's office we were sitting in, my hope and wish is that CJ continues to be just another kid for as long as possible. 
One of the children playing in the waiting area had many similar physical features as CJ including skin color and hair texture.  As this young man brought toys to CJ to play with, I inquired how old he was.  To my surprise he was a month younger than CJ...and walking...and talking a few words...and carrying toys...and climbing up and down a chair...  In some ways I felt heartbroken watching the boy's advance development displayed before me.  (Also, I do believe this boy may grow to be very, very tall!)
I know, I know, on CJ's time and in CJ's way...still hard though!

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