Sunday, June 8, 2014

God Moments

On a weekly basis I get the chance to pause and reflect on God moments from the week. This weekend God was on fire through CJ! 
He had surgery Friday morning. Dr. Sewell had planned on a 2.5 hour surgery. Once he had gone back Emily and I had brunch - salad and pizza at 10:45am. We hadn't been back in the waiting area for long and Dr. came walking towards us with a smile on his face. I was confused but didn't think it could be bad based on his facial expression. 
The over two hour surgery only took an hour. The most difficult part was getting the IV in. Possibility of going home sooner than thought too. After the Dr left a nurse came to give us a report that he was out of yep the doc already told us. Guess we also missed the nurse originally while we were eating...

He did super in recovery and was ready to go to his room in PICU shortly after. By the time the afternoon was closing out everyone was impressed with how he was doing. 

I played the role of stubborn mom. I was determined that no preventable hiccups were going to delay us going home. 

Doc stopped by before 7:30 am Saturday. My stubbornness eliminated any reasons for not going home THAT MORNING!

God is good!

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