Monday, April 14, 2014


As I was rocking little man, as thing 1 lovingly nicknamed him this weekend, long after he had fallen asleep tonight; my brain began to wonder and reflect.  Reflect on those who are not in my life by choice; either by mutual or one sides choice to walk away. 
Though I miss some of these individuals who crossed my mind tonight; it wasn't for myself that I was sadden by our lost disconnect. It was for them and their lack of opportunity to have someone as awesome as little man in their lives, even if just occasionally.
For them to not truly smile from ear to ear as a small child laughs and giggles. For them to not have the opportunity to share in the celebration of reaching a milestone once seemed to be so far away. You see I no longer find myself counting down days till the next turn of the calendar - except maybe to pay day for the sake of my bank account.
A major life responsibility has brought me peace and a feeling of contentment. Though life is still going by too fast and it seems like just yesterday, I can honestly say I'm doing a decent job of enjoying each day.
So before you push someone aside out of convience for yourself, consider what they can give to you. To receive a priceless gift. 

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